Did you know that some conditions don’t usually need a GP or nurse? To make sure that our staff are seeing patients that do need a GP or nurse, you may sometimes be asked to speak to another suitably qualified professional, sich as those below. This means you are more likely to have an available appointment with one of our team when YOU need a GP.


The following issues may be more appropriate for a pharmacist to review and treat:

Sore throat Cough less than 1 week Cold/flu symptoms Ear symptoms including pain
Bites & stings Constipation & diarrhoea Indigestion & heartburn Worms in stool
Athlete’s foot Chickenpox Cold sores Fungal infection or thrush
Nappy rash Scabies Warts & verrucae Urine infections


Local services available in Small Heath:

Twilight Pharmacy         0121 772 5955 – 309 Bolton Rd, Birmingham B10 0AU

Asda Pharmacy              0121 766 4819 – 859 Coventry Rd, Birmingham B10 0HH

Allcare Pharmacy           0121 772 3108 – 674 Coventry Rd, Birmingham B10 0UU

Morrisons Pharmacy      0121 773 2526 – 280 Coventry Rd, Birmingham B10 0XA



The following issues may be more appropriate for an optician to review and treat:

Red eye or eyelids Dry, gritty, or uncomfortable eyes Eye irritation and inflammation
Eye discharge or watery eye Painful eye Recently occurring flashes or floaters
Ingrowing lashes Recent and sudden loss of vision Foreign body in the eye


Local services available in Small Heath:

Eyecare Optometrists    0121 773 2129 – 503a Coventry Road, Birmingham, B10 0LL



The following issues may be more appropriate for a dentist to review and treat:

  • Any tooth symptoms

Local services available: Need to contact a dentist directly; NHS website may be helpful