The practice can provide medical statements (known as Statement of Fitness for Work) to our patients free of charge under national guidelines. Please read below to see which criteria may be applicable to you.

In the first 7 days of all illnesses

In the first 7 days of all illnesses the patient should self certify their own illness using the form SC2 which should be available from your employer or from the website.

Private Statement of Fitness for Work

If your employer demands that you require a medical statement from your doctor in the first 7 days of any illness then the doctors will be able to provide a private statement.

Please be aware that this type of statement will be charged for, though this cost may be recoverable from your employer. If you require a private statement within the first 7 days of illness please contact the practice reception.

If you are still ill after 7 days

If you are still continuously ill for a period longer than 7 days and you require a medical statement for any purpose, such as for your employer, your doctor can prepare a medical statement following a consultation with you. This statement is usually provided for a period relevant to your condition.

If you require a medical statement for Universal Credit or PIP

If you are suffering from a longer term condition and are entitled to claim benefits then you may be asked to obtain a medical statement for this purpose. If the agency requires further information on your health condition, they will often contact us directly, with your permission.

Information on sick notes is also available here: